From London to Falmouth

You wouldn’t know it from RunnerPub’s prolific posting of late (err, not), but we’ve been rather obsessed with the IAAF World Track and Field Championships that just wrapped up today in London.

It’s incredible to think how far American distance running has come in the past 15 years or so.

We offer a huge congrats to all the U.S. medalists:

  • the surprise steeplechase heroics of Emma Coburn, Courtney Frerichs and Evan Jager (gold, silver and bronze, baby!)
  • Jenny Simpson’s silver in the 1,500 meters
  • Amy Cragg’s bronze in the marathon (so close to the top!)
  • Paul Chelimo’s thrilling bronze in the 5,000 meters (a historic race that saw Mo Farah beaten for the first time in years)
  • Ajee Wilson’s gutsy bronze in the women’s 800 meters.

Did I miss anyone? We crack open multiple cans of RunnerPub’s finest beer in your honors (or, we did last night, anyway).

Now, does the fact that World’s is over leave us with a gaping void in our lives?


Why? Because next Sunday we’re taking part in one of my favorite events, the Falmouth Road Race. Back in high school and college, I used to go up to that Cape Cod town with my family (and sometimes my friends Kyle, Dave and Eric) where my grandparents Fred and Casey lived.

It’s an iconic road race. It was part of the Running Boom that stormed the nation in the ’70s on the backs of such legends as Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter and Alberto Salazar (who often make appearances there even today).

I’ll delve more into the race’s history later this week, but for now I’ll leave you with a video of the seven-mile course that winds from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights.

I think it nicely captures the rolling hills, the beachy vibe, the stretches of rustic trees and the iconic downhill finish. It’s filmed by two guys named Adam and Josh Hill with a GoPro mounted on a racing wheelchair, which they call the “Thumbs Up Express.”

Here’s to hoping for such great weather next Sunday!