Training Log: Boston Marathon (winter, spring 2017)

With a couple weeks off following Philly, we’re back at it now for the Boston Marathon in April. Once more, hoping to crack my old PR and, who knows, maybe get down into the 2:45-range (or better!). Top goal is just to PR.

We’ll be following the Jack Daniels plan again, but we’ve got fewer weeks than we did in the Philly lead-up. Think we’ll do four weeks of Phase I, five weeks of Phase II, six weeks of Phase III, four weeks of Phase IV.

Here we go:

Phase I:

Week 1:
Sat, 12/3 — off
Sun, 12/4 — 30 mins easy, Central Park reservoir; first run in two weeks since Philly! Feels good to get back out there (3 miles)
Mon, 12/5 — 40 mins easy, two CP reservoir loops with Les; (5 miles)
Tues, 12/6 — 40 mins easy, two CP reservoir loops in cold rain! (5 miles)
Wed, 12/7 — off
Thurs, 12/8 — 40 mins easy, two CP reservoir loops. Trying to stay on soft surfaces until I can get new trainers (5 miles)
Fri, 12/9 — off, lazy
TOTAL: 18 miles — back into the swing of things, time to bump up mileage

Week 2:
Sat, 12/10 — 56 mins, Central Park to 103rd street traverse, then rest of loop on southern end; with Les — cold out! At least it feels that way, since we’re not used to the cold (35 degrees). (7 miles)
Sun, 12/11 — Full Central Park loop in cold and first snow of year (more atmospheric than anything else). Felt good (8 miles)
Mon, 12/12 — In Pittsburgh hotel, 7 miles on treadmill. Cut down pace from 8:00/mile to 6:00/ mile and had a solid uphill grading. Good effort (7 miles)
Tues, 12/13 — Off
Wed, 12/14 — Ran two CP reservoir loops with Les (5 miles)
Thurs, 12/15 — Super, super cold! Something like 20 degrees with 20+mph winds. Two reservoir loops, all bundled up. (5 miles)
Fri, 12/16 — One CP reservoir loop, pressed for time (3 miles)
TOTAL: 35 miles

Week 3:
Sat, 12/17 — Full CP loop with Les (8 miles)
Sun, 12/18 — Full CP loop with Les (8 miles)
Mon, 12/19 — Two reservoir loops, by myself (5 miles)
Tues, 12/20 — off (lazy!)
Wed, 12/21 — pre-work, full CP loop, 65 mins; (8 miles)
Thurs, 12/22 — pre-work, full CP loop, sliiightly uptempo (8 miles)
Fri, 12/23 — pre-work, CP Harlem loop with Les — need more sleep! Legs and body tired; looking forward to relaxing with Christmas (5 miles)
TOTAL: 42 miles (not bad, keep ‘em comin’…)

Week 4:
Sat, 12/24 — off
Sun, 12/25 — two CP reservoir loops, early Christmas morning. Super quiet and peaceful out in New York City. Pushed one mile hard in 5:40 or so (took it out too fast); (5 miles)
Mon, 12/26 — 5 miles on treadmill in Newport hotel (pushed pace last mile or so, sub 6 with incline)
Tues, 12/27 — 45 minutes jog with Les in Newport at night (5 miles)
Wed, 12/28 — One CP reservoir loop with Les (back from Newport late) (3 miles)
Thurs, 12/29 — Full CP loop at night, in new shoes. My right achilles started bothering me the last mile — stupid new shoes! (I’ll blame them). Will perhaps wear old shoes tomorrow (8 miles)
Fri, 12/30 — CP Harlem loop, then two reservoir loops (8 miles)
TOTAL: 34 miles

Phase one recap: Weeks of 18, 35, 42, 34 miles

Phase II: (long runs and workouts begin)

Week 5:
Sat, 12/31 — 1:43:00 with Les (12 miles)
Sun, 1/1 — 61 mins with Les; CP Harlem loop, plus reservoir add-on and a little out and back to East 90th street gate (7 miles)
Mon, 1/2 — 63 mins with Les, reservoir loop into CP south loop, then another reservoir loop (8 miles)
Tues, 1/3 — 53 minutes with Les, 3 reservoir loops in the rain/cool/sogginess (6 miles)
Wed, 1/4 — 56 minutes — first hard workout of Boston Cycle! 12-minute warmup to CP, then fartlek run. Daniels called for repeats of 4 mins hard, 3 mins easy until you’ve reached 8% of your weekly mileage goal. I did 4hard-3easy 4hard-3easy 4hard-3easy 4hard-3easy 6hard — on last one, I ran 6 minutes so I could get to top of Cat Hill. I ran into Nick and Jeff about halfway through workout. Enjoyed the workout. No idea how fast I was going, but guess it was in 5:45-6:05 per-mile range? Good start! (8 miles)
Thurs, 1/5 — off
Fri, 1/6 — With Les, reservoir-turned-CP south loop (6 miles)
TOTAL: 47 miles

Week 6:
Sat, 1/7 — Snow! Did a tempo run, 3-4 miles, CP Harlem loop– 11 min warmup, then 22-minute “threshold pace,” then 17 min cd; 50 mins in total. Not sure exactly what pace it was, but it was super snowy and windy, with bad footing. Just getting back into swing of things. (7 miles)
Sun, 1/ 8 — 1:15, full CP loop, then outside reservoir loop (10 miles)
Mon, 1/9 — off
Tues, 1/10 — 75 minutes, most with Nick and Jeff. One-and-a-half CP loops, at good uptempo pace (10 miles)
Wed, 1/11 — 72 minutes, CP loop and then reservoir loop — Fartlek of 6-3-4-3-4-3-4-3-6 (with the 3’s being recovery jogging). Started first “4” at base of Harlem hill and timed last “6” to include cat hill. Good run, I was grinding. (10 miles)
Thurs, 1/12 — 64 mins, full CP loop in morning; legs tired from last night! Gloriously warm right now, reaching into lower 50s. Ran in shorts and t-shirt and longsleeve shirt (8 miles)
Fri, 1/13 — Central Park Harlem loop; 43 minutes (5 miles)
TOTAL: 50 miles (pushed the fartlek on wednesday pretty hard; felt pretty quick, but my legs are feeling pretty shot by week’s end.)

Week 7:
Sat, 1/14 — 1:27:00 with Kyle in CP — full loop, then up to 103rd street traverse back down west side to back around by beneath the Great Lawn — probably 7:50ish pace, per Kyle’s strava (12 miles)
Sun, 1/15 — full CP loop, no watch (8 miles)
Mon, 1/16 — 16 min w/u; then 5 x mile at threshold pace, with 60 seconds rest; then 60 minutes easy mileage. Did it all in Central Park, using mile that’s marked off on east side by 400 meter increments. Splits: 5:57, 5:53, 6:04, 6:00, 6:10. Ouch! Then full CP loop, not particularly quick, and hobbled home (14 miles)
Tues, 1/17 — 48:24, CP reservoir loop (northern end) into the CP south loop — cold and rainy out, probably 41 degrees; and rainy; yuck (6 miles)
Wed, 1/18 — off
Thurs, 1/19 — CP, 16 min w/u, then 5 x 1200 meters at “interval” pace with Nick (3 min jogging rest) — Les did workout, too. Went faster than I was expecting, but I felt pretty smooth. Used the “400 M” spray-painted markers, from behind Metropolitan Museum of Art to northern edge of reservoir. Splits: 4:08, 4:14, 4:05, 4:04, 4:01; 16 min cooldown (7 miles)
Fri, 1/20 — Before work, 7 miles — CP Harlem loop, down to 72nd street traverse (7 miles)
TOTAL: 54 miles

Week 8:
Sat, 1/21 — Ran with Les at Trumbull trails — cold and foggy out; ran two hours (14 miles)
Sun, 1/22 — 50 minutes in Greenfield Hill. Legs were sore from yesterday, Thursday, etc. (6 miles)
Mon, 1/23 — off!
Tues, 1/24 — Before work, with Les — full CP loop; 64 minutes (8 miles)
Wed, 1/25 — Full CP loop and then 2 reservoir loops; 90 minutes (12 miles)
Thurs, 1/26 — 2-mile warmup; 5k at Armory meet (17:17 – 5:39, 5:35, 5:28…), two-mile cd (7 miles) Here are my official 200-meter splits (niiice negative splitting!):

Mile 1: 41.95 (41.95) 1:24.89 (42.94) 2:07.80 (42.92) 2:50.34 (42.54) 3:32.547 (42.22) 4:14.578 (42.032) 4:57.24 (42.66) 5:39.05 (41.81)
Mile 2: 6:21.28 (42.24) 7:03.19 (41.91) 7:45.45 (42.26) 8:28.26 (42.81) 9:10.77 (42.52) 9:52.48 (41.71) 10:34.22 (41.74) 11:15.76 (41.54)
Mile 3: 11:57.53 (41.78) 12:39.87 (42.34) 13:21.62 (41.75) 14:03.02 (41.40)
14:43.96 (40.94) 15:24.66 (40.70) 16:04.43 (39.77) 16:43.10 (38.68)
Kick: 17:17.076 (33.98)

Fri, 1/27 — CP north loop, before work and by myself, no watch, recovering from last night (5 miles)
TOTAL: 52 miles — Good race at the Armory; fun times; grabbed beers with Nick and a couple of his buddies afterward

Week 9:
Sat, 1/28 — 17 min w.u, 2 x 2mile “threshold” at Trumbull trails (5:41, 5:48 (11.30), 2 min rest, 5:53, 5:49 (11:42), then 68 mins run (14 miles)
Sun, 1/29 — 65 mins with Les (7 miles)
Mon, 1/30 — off
Tues, 1/31 — 87 mins before work, got up super early (6:20ish) and did full CP loop and two reservoir loops (11 miles)
Wed, 2/1 — Tough one! 20 minute w/u in CP, then an “interval” paced fartlek of 3 mins hard (2 rest), 4 hard (2 rest), 5 hard (3 rest), 5 hard (3 rest), 4 hard (2 rest), 3 hard. 22 min c/d (11 miles)
Thurs, 2/2 — Full CP loop (8 miles)
Fri, 2/3 — Two CP reservoir loops with Les — birthday run! Cold out! (5 miles)
TOTAL: 56 miles

Phase III: (Jacking up mileage; tough long runs and workouts)

Week 10:
Sat, 2/4 — Had “great” idea for long run, which wound up being awful. Nonetheless, 2:08 morning long run with Les. Did “Tri-Borough” Dash. From apartment, ran down and over into Queens, then into Brooklyn, then over Williamsburgh bridge back into Manhattan, then back up through traffic and the like. Never again! Too much traffic, red lights and concrete. Later, birthday party (15 miles)
Sun, 2/5 — off, hungover (ouch!)
Mon, 2/6 — 58 minutes, 4 CP reservoir loops (8 miles)
Tues, 2/7 — 30 min w/u to East Village track; then 5-mile tempo; then 34 min c/d. Splits of 5:55, 11:53 (5:58); 17:49 (5:56); 23:47 (5:57); 29:38 (5:51) (12 miles)
Wed, 2/8 — Full CP loop with Les, 64 mins; warm out, 60 degrees, when we ran, but then dumped with snow later in night — weird! (8 miles)
Thurs, 2/9 — Central Park, boomeranged around South Loop back and forth; super icy, 20 degrees. Had to tread carefully because of snow, but fun having the Park largely to myself (and a few other hardy souls)! No watch (8 miles)
Fri, 2/10 — Before work, cold and icy, two reservoir loops. Might as well have been up in Maine! Tough, but had “novelty” value; also, bright sun rising in the east and reflecting off snow was super pretty (5 miles)
TOTAL: 56 miles (with decent long run, solid tempo Wednesday)

Week 11:
Sat, 2/11 — Tough long, hard workout, Daniels-style with Les. 12 minute w/u, then 4 x mile “threshold” with 60-sec rest; then 64 minutes easy (full CP loop, plus extra), then 3 mile “threshold” (north Harlem loop of CP), and finally 15 min c/d (5:45, 5:48, 5:46, 5:50; 18:37 for 3-miler (from east 85th traffic light by reservoir around CP north and finishing on bridge at dual yellow signs around west 85th street just south of reservoir — I think it’s really a 5k); (17 miles)
Sun, 2/12 — icy, sleet, gross and cold; 33 degrees, wet, gross — awful. Full CP loop, slowly, feeling beat up after yesterday. As Bill Bowerman once said, perhaps apocryphal: “There’s no such thing as bad weather; just soft people.” (8 miles)
Mon, 2/13 — cold and windy! Did CP south boomerang loop with Les (8 miles)
Tues, 2/14 — Was gonna take day off, but came home from work and Les was dressed for a run! Why not? Did 5 miles, up around Harlem (5 miles)
Wed, 2/15 — Workout Wednesday! With Les, 12 min w/u to Central Park, then 7 x mile at “threshold” pace; then 20 minute c/d. Had 60-second rests, except 5 minutes jogging between 4th and 5th. Started with marked-off mile (5:55), then Les and I did 6-min hard segments at roughly same effort level as first mile, re-gathering on 60-sec rests. Did full CP loop this way, passing starting point on sixth; then six minutes straight out. Overall, tough, good workout and I’m glad we went by time and looped the park rather than stayed on the 1-mile marked off thing. Got lots of tough workouts coming up, so important to keep the mind fresh (11 miles)
Thurs, 2/16 — Before work, two CP reservoir loops — it’s damned cold! My legs are in pain from last night (5 miles)
Fri, 2/17 — 50 minutes with Les in CP, north loop (6 miles)
TOTAL: 60 miles; two good workouts

Week 12:
Sat, 2/18 — 65 mins in Fairfield, beach area, with Les (8 miles)
Sun, 2/19 — Boston Buildup 20-K Race in Fairfield — 2-mile w/u jog from house to Tomlinson Middle School, then 12.4 mile race in 1:15:36 (6:05/mile) for 8th place; Les came in 3rd in women’s division (got t-shirt!) in 1:25:14 (6:52/mile). Splits for HILLY course: 6:15, 12:17 (6:01), 18:?? (??), 5K in 19:20; 25:07; 31:44 (6:36), 37:57 (6:13), 43:51 (5:53), 49:50 (5:59), 55:56 (6:05), 1:01:50 (5:54), 1:07:42 (5:51), 1:13:35 (5:52), 1:15:34 (1:59) watch time — Nice, strong effort. Felt like I had more in tank. Really rolling last few miles (admittedly, nice downhills…) 20-minute cooldoown (17 miles)
Mon, 2/20 — CP loop with Les; warm out on this holiday afternoon, and I therefore wore less clothing, which made me cold. No watch, but Les said 64 minutes (8 miles)
Tues, 2/21 — day off (fighting off a cold)
Wed, 2/22 — Workout Wednesday — after only two days of rest! My dogs were barking, if by dogs I mean quads, calves, etc. 16-min w/u, then workout of 3-mile, 3-mile, 2-mile at “threshold” pace (with 3 min jogging rests). Les and I did CP north leg, then CP south leg, then CP north leg truncated (cutting across 103rd St traverse instead of going all the way around Harlem). Splits: 18:41, 17:42, 12:00. Roughly 6:00 pace, I think. C/d of 16 mins (12 miles total)
Thurs, 2/23 — Central Park full loop; mostly with Nick; nice weather (59 degrees!) Ran in shorts and white underarmour with black t-shirt (8 miles)
Fri, 2/24 — 64 mins in CP; ran into Joe D about 6 miles in and ran last couple with him — beautiful out! 60 degrees or so; Les is in California till Sunday (8 miles)
TOTAL: 61 miles — with solid race on Sunday and tough, tough workout on Wednesday. Noticing tightness in glutes again

Week 13:
Sat, 2/25 — 70 mins, full CP loop, then outer reservoir loop and up to 90th street add-on. Long story, but took sausage-making class with Brett this morning at Paulaner brewery and we had lots of fatty sausages (delicious!) and pork knuckle and a few beers. Did run a few hours later; not ideal. T-storms ripped through at end. (10 miles)
Sun, 2/26 — 2:40:00 — With Les, in the afternoon/evening. This one hurt! Too much cement/pavement. Ran up Riverside Park and West Side to George Washington Bridge, crossed over into New Jersey. Then came back. Legs felt great until the bridge, where it was choked with exhaust and the cement was tough on muscles. Nice views, though. Anyway, legs were all kinds of sore coming home and my right achilles started flaring up. (18 miles)
Mon, 2/27 — off
Tues, 2/28 — 75 mins, full CP loop, then reservoir loop — right achilles started feeling tight in last mile or so; gotta ice and stretch calf (gingerly). (10 miles)
Wed, 3/1 — 20 min w/u; then 2 x 20 minute “threshold” with 12-min jogging rest. Did CP Harlem loop first (went out in 5:45), then did my second segment back through Harlem again, reverse direction. Probably a little sub 6 pace, not sure. 12-min c/d (11 miles)
Thurs, 3/2 — Full CP loop, no watch; achilles felt good (8 miles)
Fri, 3/3 — 61 mins, CP (7 miles)
TOTAL: 64 miles

Week 14:
Sat, 3/4 — Tough long, hard workout, Daniels’ style! 17 min w/u, then 2 x 2 miles “threshold” (2-min rest); then 80 mins CP loop and extra; then 3-mile “threshold”. Did 2-mile segments using marked mile behind Met (5:48 or so start…) to the very top of Harlem Hill (where manhole is). Then jogged two mins, mostly downhill, then came roaring back, finishing at the traffic light by E 86th street park entrance. Then reservoir outer loop, full CP loop, reservoir outer loop. Then the normal upper CP Harlem loop ~3.1 mile run, feeling pretty good all things considered, and pushing it, for 18:23, then 15 min c/d (20 miles)
Sun, 3/5 — CP full loop, plus outer reservoir add on and up to 90th and back. Wasn’t feeling my best, with tired and sore legs from yesterday (10 miles)
Mon, 3/6 — CP full loop, plus reservoir add on. Was feeling better than yesterday, though still not to chipper in the legs. (10 miles)
Tues, 3/7 — CP full loop, plus reservoir, plus up to 90th and back. No watch. (10 miles)
Wed, 3/8 — Off
Thurs, 3/9 — Workout Wednesday (on Thursday)! 17 min w/u with Les and Kristen in CP, then 8 x mile “threshold” with 30-sec rests. Back and forth on 1600-meter marked off course along east side of reservoir. Odd reps slightly downhill (but into wind), even reps slightly uphill. (Splits: 5:48, 5:55, 5:51, 5:53, 5:49, 5:51, 5:51, 5:46) Felt tight early on, but settled in and felt strong. ~30 min c/d (12 miles)
Fri, 3/10 — 65 mins with Les — did the CP south “boomerang” loop — legs feeling stiff from yesterday; not suuuuuper promising for tomorrow’s 20 miler, but whatevs! Tis Phase III training, baby (8 miles)
TOTAL: 70 miles — nice! Not bad for six days of training, with a couple hard efforts. Five weeks till Boston, so time to be a mileage hog.

Week 15:
Sat, 3/11 — Loong run, in fairly cold Central Park (low 20s, some wind). Ran 3:01 with Les, wound up doing 3 CP loops (yikes!) plus another CP reservoir loop, then up to 90th Street entrance and back to apartment. Legs…held together. Tough, like a 21-22 miler should be. Got another of these bad boys next weekend, then the big 15 miler at MP, then start tapering. (21 miles)
Sun, 3/12 — Full CP loop with Les, plus reservoir add-on and up to gate at 90th and back. Legs could feel yesterday’s effort, but weren’t feeling that bad, all things considered. (10 miles)
Mon, 3/13 — Full CP loop with Les, plus reservoir add-on and up to 90th street gate and back – just like yesterday. It was cold and fairly empty in CP, just hours before the Blizzard arrives (10 miles)
Tues, 3/14 — off; blizzard
Wed, 3/15 — Full cp loop, plus 2-mile CP add on in cold, cold, cold weather — pretty in snowbound Central Park, though! (10 miles)
Thurs, 3/16 — 17 min w/u, then 4 x ~2 mile “threshold” in CP , 2min rests, then 19 min c/d. Began with marked-off mile, then kept going and did full loop of park. Segment one ended at top of Harlem Hill (manhole). Segment two ended at 73rd Street traverse. Segment three back to start. Then marked mile out and back. (Splits: 12:00, 11:51, 12:12, 11:43). Enjoyed how this workout mixed things up, plus wanted to get in hills. First three segments add to about 6.1 miles, so 5:50-something pace throughout (12 miles)
Fri, 3/17 — Before work, feeling super tight, full CP loop (8 miles)
TOTAL: 71 miles — another good week of high mileage and a tough workout to round out Phase III

Phase IV:

Week 16:
Sat, 3/18 — Needing rest from CP, Les and I came to Fairfield for long run — we need the hills for Boston prep, too. Ran 3:02:00 on super hilly course up into Greenfield Hill and Westport, passing old high school training routes — good times. Really picturesque out with so much snow having come this week. Legs felt great first hour, tightened up on second, and by last half hour were feeling a combo of pain and numbness — to be expected! (21 miles?)
Sun, 3/19 — Ran 1:23:00 with Les, in Fairfield, to Southport Beach and back. Nice morning out, felt decent, longer than I’d maybe expected. Not bad, though! (10 miles)
Mon, 3/20 — Full CP loop with Les, no watch. Felt lethargic all day, perhaps tired from weekend’s runs. Warmer today, but still tons of snow in CP (8 miles)
Tues, 3/21 — 40-min w/u, 20-minute “threshold,” 33-min easy, 20-min “threshold,” 10 min c/d. Totaled 2:03:00. All in CP. Ran north loop slow, then north loop tempo (from behind Met Museum to top of Harlem Hill in 12:01, to WestSide marker in 19:10, perhaps having slowed a bit, then kept going to 20:00). Quads and legs felt taxed. Then CP south loop slow, then again at tempo, from WestSide marker all the way back to start and then just past the 0.5 mile marker on East Side (near end of reservoir). Guessing averaged 5:54/mile for fast bouts. (14 miles)
Wed, 3/22 — off
Thurs, 3/23 — After work, full CP loop, nice easy pace, no watch. Legs felt springier than I’d expected (8 miles)
Fri, 3/24 — 43 mins, two CP reservoir loops, then up to 90th and back (5 miles)
TOTAL: 66 miles — pretty good week of mileage; pulling back sliiiightly in miles. Had good, solid long run, and good, solid workout on Tuesday. Legs felt better on Thursday and Friday than I’d feared they would. We’ll see how tomorrow goes

Sat, 3/25 — The Big One: 15-min w/u; 15 miler at MP, 25-min c/d. I always dread this one, but it’s worth it. There was a NYRR Central Park Spring 10K Classic going on, which started right before our run started — which is to say, there were masses of people filling up the inside of the loop for the first loop (and some for the second loop). But that might have helped me early on with pushing the pace (too much, though?). First loop felt surpassingly effortless — and faster than I thought I was going. Second loop, I tried dialing it back a liiiiiittle, reminding myself that on race day I’ll still have 20 to go at this point. Still, the pain mounted. Hoped I’d feel super chipper for final 3 miles, but by time I got there I was having to push it. Nonetheless, it went super well — nearly four minutes faster than when I did this in October. Splits: 18:54 (first ~3.1), 37:05 (18:10 to round out first loop); 56:34 (19:28); 1:14:41 (18:07); 1:33:55 (19:13). So that’s 6:08/mile for 15.3 miles, which would equate to a 2:41 marathon if I could keep that up another 11 miles (doubtful!). Les also kicked butt, running 1:44:08, or 6:48/mile (20 miles)
Sun, 3/26 — Full CP loop with Les, legs felt better than I might have expected, (no watch) 8 miles
Mon, 3/27 — Full CP loop with Les, feeling sluggish; (8 miles)
Tues, 3/28 — off; raining cats and dogs, and freezing (0 miles)
Wed, 3/29 — CP loop, plus reservoir and up to 90th; tried wearing more layers of clothing than I need, to get myself a liiiittle prepared in case it’s hot on marathon day (no watch) (10 miles)
Thurs, 3/30 — Same workout as two weeks ago. 17 min warmup, 4x~2 mile in CP at threshold pace w/ 2 min rest, then 15 min cooldown — tried overdressing again. Anyway, went out a little quick, then seemed to fall asleep or something in middle of it. Two mile segments are just estimates in terms of distance. Splits: 11:50 from behind Met to top of Harlem Hill; 12:01 from there to 72nd Street Traverse; 12:28 from there back to start; 11:41 (5:45, 5:56, I think) for last bit, going out to mile marker and back. Felt not great. Oh well. (12 miles)
Fri, 3/31 — Gross out! Driving rain, 40 degrees, as the Germans would say: “Hundsmiserabel.” (Dog-Miserable) In evening, (no watch) CP south loop (5 miles)
TOTAL: 63 miles — hmm, not sure if this would impress anyone in terms of “tapering.” Next week I’ll bring it down some more. Anyway, fun week of running.

Sat, 4/1 — Easy 8 miles with Les, full CP loop; thought it was supposed to be rainy and cold today (like last night) but it was actually not bad. Anyway, felt fine (8 miles)
Sun, 4/2 — Final “long” run of season. Did 16 miles — two CP loops, plus two miles of out and back at tempo pace — 2:01:11. Tempo splits were 5:51, 5:51 — not bad! (16 miles)
Mon, 4/3 — Easy CP loop with Les (8 miles)
Tues, 4/4 — 2-mile w/u; 3 x 2 mile in CP (marked mile from behind Met to north of reservoir), with 2-min rests; plus 2-mile c/d. Wound up going pretty quickly. It’s my last real hard effort before Boston, so was feeling pretty excited. Splits: 11:41, 11:35, 11:23 (10 miles)
Wed, 4/5 — off
Thurs, 4/6 — 63 minute jog, hilly (8 miles)
Fri, 4/7 — off
TOTAL: 50 miles — one week to go! Next week I’ll come down to mid 30s to 40 miles, I think, with a fartlek midweek. Felt fresher on workout, hopefully things are coming together!

Sat, 4/8 — Ran 1:34 with Les; nice out in Central Park. Did full loop, then Harlem loop; felt pretty good (12 miles)